Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Today Creed

Today, if I wake up, I will take a deep breath.
I will shake off yesterday’s vice, stare at the rising sun and blink twice.

Today I will touch my toes and drink some water.
I will sing a rhyme, hum a tune and smile one extra time.

Today I will read, write and learn something new.
I will seek the light, keep my promise and fight the good fight.

Today I will live with purpose and action.
I will survive a trial, give thanks and go the extra mile.

Today I will have faith, hope and love.
I will step out of the fray, find quiet and live day by day.

Today I will look you in the eye.
I will search for the path that is straight, for what is real and for what is right.

Today I will remember my inner child.
I will ditch the frown, jump up, jump up, and get down.

Today I will try my best.
I will fall, get helped up, and stand tall.

Today I will give someone a hug.
I will shake hands with a firm grip, do good work and revel in friendship.

Today I will remember from where I come.
I will remember to whom I belong, whom I trust and who is strong.

Today I will love. I’ll take the dive.
Today, I will come alive.  

-Zachary Pyle