Friday, September 16, 2011

Post-Summer Ramblings: Romans vs Rebels

Merely a preview of the Romans vs Rebels post...

What stings more than a smack to the back with a foam-covered PVC sword? A candy-tax by the Roman Empire on our campers. Justice had to be done.
The first platoon of rebel warriors (8-12 year-old campers) assaulting the Roman fort.

Atop the conquered Roman fort, as Captain of the rebels.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post-Summer Ramblings: 2300 Lb-Force

The scene is Lake Powell, Reflection Canyon to be more specific. Our 60 ft houseboat is anchored up against a red-rock beach with some sand. How it works is that you pull the boat up against the shore with four anchors stretching out from the bow and stern: two lines on either side, two lines on both the bow and the stern each. The lines are attached to anchors which are buried in the sandy shore or, in our case, wrapped around and pivoted against large boulders. Over the course of our two weeks of previous experience from summers past on Powell, we have found our preferred method is to rely on the shear inertial force of a boulder instead of the compacted frictional force of sand. 

What we didn’t know is that as an evening front blew in from across the desert that evening, we would have to rely on far more than just the boulders to hold us to the shore.